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This is our debut EP. if you would like a download, please reblog it here or share it in some other capacity and let us know so that we can send you a download link.

"The Whole World Is Drinking!" is pretty great.

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Different cities seen at night from the International Space Station.
Click images to see which cities are shown. Credit: ESA/NASA

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Six in 10 girls quit activities they love because of how they feel about their looks

Sorry that this isn’t Architecture related, but this is a serious issue. I can tell you from a personal point of view that I actually quit hockey when I was younger because of my self esteem issues. Girls and boys all around the world find a sport they love, but have it cut short because they do not like the way they look. 

Girls and boys need their coaches, parents, friends etc. to help them through this. They need to be told that they should focus on their love for whatever sport it is instead of feeling bad about the way they look. 

Pass this on, and let people know that everybody has a chance to be who they want to be without thinking about the way they look. 

I quit ballet because of this. Even as a little girl, I didn’t like that my thighs were bigger than the other girls.

And I was not a chubby kid.

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